The other day I had to reserve tickets to go to my mom’s place for Dussehra vacation. I knew as it was Dussehra time so I had to book my tickets at least one month before.

I googled for ticket agents and called  the agent who said I would have to pay an amount of Rs 100 per ticket that is if availability is there and if not it would be much higher. I then thought why don’t I try to book tickets myself.

And here I go

The first person who guided me on this was my father, who advised me to open an irctc account which would make the entire reservation process easier.

You need to go to the site

You have to click on irctc Login

Onto the right side of the page

There will be a instruction saying new users sign up here

Click on that

Once you get your user id and password you are happy, But alas when you try to login to  your irctc account it says

Invalid user name or password most of the times.

This happens as the site is sometimes slow due to the heavy traffic the site gets at peak times.

All you need to do is open[The best part I never registered at which would have taken another painstaking 10 -15minutes.]

  1. Provide your IRCTC Login credentials
  2. Input passcode generated and sent to your IRCTC registered email id and to IRCTC registered mobile numbe
  3. You can now book train tickets through MakeMyTrip.

And phew my reservation was done in few minutes.

At this point I would like to mention make my charged me an amount of  Rs 40(for one trip -3500 but I guess the price may vary) but I am Ok with it as it is much lesser than what the ticket agent asked . I did not have to worry with irctc site saying invalid user id or password which really irritated me. I saved a lot of time. I did not have to step out of my home.(It is so hot in Chennai)

So I am glad everything was done at the comfort of my home using my laptop and wifi service. And friends the feeling that you did it all on your own …great feeling!!! You should have seen me when I told my husband, my father and my sister about it. I was so proud.

So I hope you all could also reserve your tickets without any hassle using my hack.

Have great holidays friends.




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