Daily soaps are slow poison


Hey friends hope your Sunday was not as hectic as it was mine, I just couldn’t take time  to write the blog.

I am sure you all agree that after your husband and children leave for office and school. You would have some free time. If this time is less as in permissible limits it is good you will have some me time — chat with friends, check whatsapp messages , instagram pictures and log into  facebook.

But now that my daughter is going to school for full day (she is in fourth now). I am free for a longer time .And let me tell you idle mind is a devil’s workshop. I know some of you are addicted to daily soaps, i was too at one time . But I realized I was wasting my time.

Gals do’t get me wrong. It is ok to watch daily soaps once in a while but just ensure you limit them to just 2 or 3 per day . It is my sincere advise. The daily soaps  will do you no good. They are like sugar you take in a limit it is good but if you take more you are at a risk of diabetes , obesity etc .

These do entertain you and refresh your mind after a hard day. It also relaxes and refreshes the minds. It makes people stress free in a little time But if you get addicted to them you kinda become unproductive and you would be making your brain sluggish.

So I suggest you limit them  and may be read the newspaper, do a little bit of surfing and see if there are any nice workshops which you might be interested in.

I will keep you posted on what to do with your free time  in my next few posts.

Hope you all liked this post … can’t wait till I come up with all the beautiful things you  could come up with your free time .

See you tomorrow…





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