Sun tan and remedies

Hello friends glad to be back ….This time it is about beauty.

                                            But frankly speaking some of us don’t have time and some of us are just lazy like me so I am always searching for quick fixes. I like quick fixes but they should be completely natural I mean all my beauty hacks are by using natural ingredients.
I know it is natural that we tend to go for over the counter cosmetics (I did too), but if you just look  hard your whole kitchen is a beauty kit. Today I am gonna share just orange-1594775_1920such a home remedy to get rid of sun tan effectively.

                                 Sun tan is nothing but pigmentation of skin due to exposure to sunlight. Exposure to sun for long time may also cause skin diseases so try to avoid sun for longer time.Well you could use stoles or dupattas  to cover your face to avoid direct sunlight. On the other hand you could also use umbrellas or wide brim hats.

 Sun tan removal remedy
There are lot of natural remedies to get rid of sun tan but this is my favorite  tomato and lemon is all we need, I like simple 2 ingredient hacks the lesser the better.
1. Just cut the tomato to two halves
2. Take a tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl .
3. Just dip the tomato in lemon juice
4. Start applying the tomato in circular motion on your face or whatever affected area.  While you are applying ensure you are Squeezing the tomato slightly so that the tomato pulp is also coming in contact with your skin.
5. Do this for 10-12 minutes
6..Wash with normal water
Or you could just use tomato puree and lime juice as face pack but I find it messy.
You might have a small tingling sensation but it is absolutely normal do not worry.
Gals this is like a miraculous remedy for sun tan you can do  this weekly once may be on your off day – Sunday or Saturday.

                        You could also use the same technique with thick cucumber slices. The cooling properties of cucumber along with antioxidants and silica help rejuvenate the skin. The combination of cucumber and lime juice effectively removes the sun tan too.

                                                 Hope you try this and share with me how it has worked for you?? Waiting for your responses ..please feel free to comment

Bye for now. Will come back with a great idea soon….

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