Music a solace


Hey friends,
Hope you are all doing fine, as I am doing great. And you know what  I believe happiness is contagious.

                         So here we go with one of my favorite pastime. I love music I am sure most of you love music too. I like  classical, folk and western any type but quality music.
The other day I was just going through my accounts on social media,when I listened to a cover version (new performance of a commercially released song by someone other than the original artist )by my teenager cousin on instagram and my cousin was good, damn good. So I thought let me compare the original album with my cousin, you see I was a little biased towards my cousin. I started browsing in YouTube.

                          And gals it was like I was thrown back to my college days. I really miss those days when I kinda always tuned to MTv and channel V. But I don’t know what happened to me after marriage I stopped watching those channels may be  because of the new responsibilities. And after a quick 2 min no.. 2 sec search in you tube I heard the song of  ELLE GOULDING, a British singer – “on my mind”.

                                             You should listen to her voice it is so sweet and at the same time  a “Lil‘”husky just what is required for this gen’s pop singer. And she sang so nicely I was just lost and surfed through YouTube for all her songs.To be frank I did not like all of her songs but some of them are just masterpieces. Here is a list of her songs which are my all-time favourites.

1. Still falling for you
2. Love me like you do
3. On my mind

                         I want you all to listen to the three songs in your idle time and tell me what is your pick. But for starters my pick is “Still falling for you” the singers contribution to “Bridget Jone’s Baby”movie the third sequel which released in India on September 16th.

Here is the you tube video of that song

And the lyrics are something like this

“Still Falling For You”

Fire and ice
This love is like fire and ice
This love is like rain and blue skies
This love is like sun on the rise
This love got me rolling the dice
Don’t let me lose
Still falling for you
Still falling for you…….

For full lyrics of the song please click here..

I can assure you once you listen or watch the song you all will become fans of Elle Goulding like I did. May be some of you might like the the song “love me like you do” her contribution to “fifty shades of grey” 2015 movie.
So gals my point here is there will be ups and lows in one’s life. And there will be those other moments when every thing is going fine in your life but you are just a little depressed and lonely and may be just missing your work life.
But you just need to come out of those moments by may be listening to your favorite song, watching a good movie, go for an outing or a short weekend vacation or at least a small shopping spree on the weekend at the nearest shopping mall.
I am not saying you should not have these lonely moments but try to enjoy life with small small things in life….
Hope you all join the fan club of Elle Goulding … Soon as I am waiting for you all there.
Bye for now.


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